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The Great Depression was bearing down on all, money was scarce, and the stock market continued to drop. The American dream had become a nightmare. The situation grew progressively worse until reaching the low point in 1933. It was a decade of unemployment, low profits, low prices, and high poverty.

Adding to the misery was the Dust Bowl, a series of dust storms causing major ecological and agricultural damage to American from 1930 to 1939. A bigger danger lurked with the rise of Fascism and Communism in Europe.

People did what they could to make their lives happy, movies were hot with "The Golden Age of Hollywood". Parlor games and board games were popular, and people gathered around radios and danced to the big bands.

The golden age of the mystery novel by writers like Agatha Christie, Dashielle Hammett, and Raymond Chandler.
The Empire State Building, the world's tallest building for 57 years was built.
Frozen foods were sold commercially by Clarence Birdseye in 1931.
Radar was invented by Robert Watt in 1938.
The 3M Company marketed Scotch Tape in 1933
Germany invaded Poland in September 1939, soon to start. World War II.
The novel Brave New World was published by Aldous Huxley.
Gone With The Wind was a hit movie in 1930.
The Wizard of Oz delighted audiences of all ages in 1930.
In 1931, the Coca-Cola Company commissioned Chicago illustrator
Haddon Sundblom to develop the image of a human-like Santa Claus.
The Phantom, Superman, and 'Terry and the Pirates' were popular comic strips.
"Swing" music starts becoming popular replacing Jazz that had been popular.
Monopoly was the best-selling game in America in 1935.
German dirigible Hindenburg was destroyed by fire in 1937, killing 36 in New Jersey.
Al Jolson was singing his heart our, "You ain't heard nothin' yet!"
Air Conditioning was invented leading to major population shift to the southwest.
Barbara Stanwyck began a career on stage and screen.
Charles Lindbergh's baby was kidnapped and later found dead.
Dillinger, John was killed in 1934, former public enemy number one.
Bonnie and Clyde Killed by Police 1934
The Loch Ness Monster First Spotted in the 1930s and still seen today!
Bing Crosby was singing on stage, the movies and records.
Duke Ellington was an American jazz composer, pianist, and band leader.
Prohibition Ends in the U.S. in 1933
Alcoholics Anonymous Founded 1935
Eddie Cantor was a great star of the stage and screen.
Movies were being made by Laurel and Hardy, the Marx Brothers, and Alfred Hitchcock
Social Security was enacted in U.S. in 1935.
Lary Stover was born in 1938 on a farm in Northwest Ohio.
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were dancing up a storm.
Hoover Dam was completed 1936.
The Golden Gate Bridge opened in 1937.
George Burns and Gracie Allen was entertaining us.
The helicopter was invented 1939.
Jack Benny had us laughing all the way to his underground money vault.
Katharine Hepburn started making movies.
Shirley Temple was dancing and singing to the song "The Good Ship Lollipop".
Wayne King was creating great music.
Edward Hopper was painting his realistic scenes from city life.
Georgia O'Keeffe was creating her southwestern themes of art and photography.
Andrew Mellon gave his art collection to and helped build the National Gallery of Art.
The famous Dick and Jane books were first published in 1931.
President Roosevelt helped make stamp collecting a popular hobby.
The Civilian Conservation Corps built recreational facilities in the national parks.
Hats were mandatory for the well dressed male.
Dr. Seuss delighted children with his rhyming books for youngsters learning to read.
Will Rogers was a well loved and respected radio commentator, film actor, and author.
Walter Winchell wasa 'gossip' columnist and radio commentator.
Joe DiMaggio was becoming a great baseball star.
Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
Jesse Owens won four gold medals in track-and-field at the 1936 Olympics.
Gutzon Borglum completed his Mount Rushmore Memorial.
American regionalist style of Grant Wood's famous work, "American Gothic".
Dale Carnegie penned the book How to Win Friends and Influence People in 1936.
1935 that George Gershwin's American folk opera Porgy and Bess was first performed.
In 1931 Congress designated "The Star Spangled Banner" as the national anthem.
In 1938 Kate Smith sang Irving Berlin's "God Bless America."
The Lone Ranger rode into our lives with thrilling tales.
Edward R. Murrow was telling us of the increasing crisis in Europe.
Gone With the Wind debuted in Atlanta, Georgia in 1939.
Walt Disney produced the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937.
NYC starts installing traffic lights in 1930.
Figure skater Sonja Henie wins world's amateur singles for the fourth time.
Baseball Hall of Fame is established at Cooperstown, NY 1936.
DuPont promotes first nylon product—a toothbrush. 1938
A gallon of gas was 10 cents in 1930.
Charles Ponzi A "Ponzi scheme" has become synonymous with wild speculation.
U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy was born 1932.
World War II Begins 1939
The 1930s was a decade of great change as the USA worked it's way out of the Great Depression. People were beginning to smile again, life was looking up, and they all found out that the sun was still coming up in the east.
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